Hello, Fall, Are You There?

The other day on Facebook, one of my friends posted a picture wearing a jacket. A jacket!!! It literally made me shed a tear. Ok, so I didn't cry, but I did get kind of mad. Here we are with temps stuck in the 90's and fall seems to be hitting everywhere else. I even wore jeans the other day because I am just so tired of wearing the two pairs of maternity shorts I own. Of course, I regretted my jeans decision pretty quickly when I was sitting in a puddle of my own sweat on the school run. On the plus side, ice cream has become a daily fixture in my life. Of course, I am betting that positive will turn into a negative as soon as they weigh me at my next doctor's appointment…don't even get me started on how cruel I think it is to weigh pregnant women at every appointment! 

Oh fall, the pumpkin patch is opening this week. And, it is going to be October in TWO DAYS. Just throw me a bone. Even a little one. Make the temp drop a little so this pregnant mama can have some relief.

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