Productivity Breeds Productivity

Ever since Connor has gone back to school, I have been insanely productive. My house has constantly been clean…which is awesome because it means I don't freak out when people randomly stop by. I've gotten stuff done on my invisible to-do list that have been on there forever. Like, I finally hung stuff back on Isla's walls…six months after we painted in there. My garage sale pile has been growing by the second. And I've actually been making the kids (help me) clean their rooms before bed. Let me tell you, I feel so much more at peace and like their rooms so much more when they don't look like a homeless camp.

My friend called this productivity breeding productivity. And I believe it. When the base is clean, something out of place or dirty on top sticks out and screams to be picked up. When it's all trashed, I tend to figure "why bother?".

Ian calls it nesting. I prefer to think I've turned over a new leaf and am just being super productive. Whatever it is, I'll take it. After all, in three short months, I will be spending my time on the couch, covered in spit up, breastfeeding around the clock and my house will have gone to the pits. The family will be lucky if I actually get dinner on the table…and if there are actually clean dishes to eat off of. But, before that time comes, I am going to enjoy the season of clean. The season of purging. The season of scrubbing the kick board under my kitchen cabinets because the mood to do that just struck.

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