Isla's First Day of Preschool

^^ The struggle of knowing what you want to be when you grow up is real! When I told Isla she needed to narrow it down to one thing, she said "I really just want to be a dog." Ok, we will stick with five things then ;) And in case you can't read the sign, Isla wants to be a policeman, ambulance driver, fireman, ballet dancer and ballet teacher.

With Isla being, well, Isla and not always so predictable, I wasn't sure how the first day of school would go. I tried talking it up to her, but she seemed whatever about it. Not really excited, but not apprehensive either. One of her good little friends was already at school when we arrived. I thought this would be a good thing, but instead Isla decided to hide from her under a table on the playground. Eventually she warmed up and started playing. When it was time to go into class, Isla covered her face and started acting all weird and shy. I got her in the class, pinned her name badge on her and tried to encourage her to play. Even her friends were calling her to play, but she wasn't taking the bait. Finally, I noticed one of the teachers (the one she picked flowers for after her orientation last week, so I knew she liked her) at the craft table. As soon as she invited Isla to paint, all was well in the world again. Isla didn't even really acknowledge us when we said bye.

When I went to pick Isla up from school, she straight up ignored me and kept playing with puzzles. Eventually, I physically removed her from the table. She was excited about her craft in her cubby. She ran up and gave each of her teachers a hug goodbye. What I got out of her about the day was that she played with a girl named Alexis and she got to hand out the napkins at snack time. And she is excited for show and tell on Friday, so I am excited that she is making plans to go back to school again!

Here's to hoping for a drama free drop off time this year…because after the drama filled drop offs all year long last year, this mama could stand to have a little less drama in her life!

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  1. The sweetness is reall!! Cant believe she's growing up so quick!! XOXO

  2. Isla and Taylor are so similar some time...I asked her what she wanted to be and she told me a librarian, therapist, doctor, princess and a mommy.

    When I told her to narrow it down she said librarian and a mommy....or a cat.

  3. Oh sweet n sassy Isla! Love her 5 occupations but she really just wants to be a dog?! No cats?!


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