Hello, Third Trimester {28 weeks}

^^ My personal photographer Connor shot this picture. All the others seemed to only have my face and not my belly, so at least he got one with the belly in it. 

I feel like my second trimester flew by. Super fast. Now I am in that stage where I can actually feel my skin stretching on an almost daily basis. And at that point that I am always super hungry, but really can't fit anything of substance in my belly…or if I do, I feel sick for hours. But, I am also at that point that the baby is moving around the clock, and that's pretty dang fun. Feeling those little jabs always puts a smile on my face. 

I thought I would wait until October or November until I started getting prepared for the baby, but the urge is coming. I can feel it. I got a car seat for the baby this week. Other than that, I haven't gotten anything. My mom is going to help me redo a dresser for the baby and after we do that, I will pull out the tub of gender neutral clothes I have and put them in it. I am pretty dang excited to look at all those teeny tiny little outfits again. 

Ian and I had a discussion about names on our way to San Francisco a week and a half ago. Basically how it went down is I read him all the names on my list…the same list I've had since Connor. He threw out some and we have some left. And we haven't talked about it since. I threw out some names too because they have become too popular over the past few years or I know someone close who has used the name. There aren't many names on the list, so we will see what happens. 

Things are starting to get legit though. My doctor's appointments are dropping down to ever four weeks. And at my appointment this Friday, I am supposed to turn in all my pre admittance paperwork for the hospital…I guess I should get on filling that out! I did my glucose test a couple weeks ago and passed. Things really are moving along nice and smoothly and for that, I am thankful. 

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