A Six Letter Word

The other day a word came out of this child's mouth that I have been trying to keep out of our house.


I pretty much felt how Connor looks in this picture when he said it. In fact, I probably looked at him close to that. I can't stand that word. It's like running nails down a chalk board. It literally makes me shiver. It only took a month and a half at school for him to learn it and say it. So far, he has only referred to things as boring, rather than saying the dreaded "I'm bored". But seriously, whoever created this word is getting some serious stink eye from me right now.

I've heard Connor's friends use it before (and prayed that he had invisible ear muffs on and didn't hear it), so I knew it would eventually come into his vocabulary. But still. A mom can cry a little in the corner over this word making an appearance…and sticking around…in her house.

Aww, I can't believe my kid is old enough to find things boring…or more, vocalize that they are boring. And now I know why it used to drive my mom insane when I used to say "I'm bored" all the time. Aww parenthood, always putting things in perspective.

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  1. Oh no! That would make me shiver too!

  2. UGH - Taylor has recently picked up that word too. And I want to scream " YOU HAVE 2342341234134 THINGS TO DO/ PLAY WITH, YOU CAN'T BE BORED - I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THE LUXURY OF BEING BORED"....but I refrained...as much as I could.


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