Off The Grid {San Francisco}

^^ So we weren't totally kid free…the one in utero did tag along ;)

^^ My dinner…that I couldn't even finish…freaking smushed pregnant stomach that doesn't allow me to eat large (or really even normal) portions anymore! 

^^ Ian's dinner…the line at this food truck got amazingly long pretty much as soon as they opened. 

^^ Dessert. I can never, ever say no to creme brûlée. 

Ian's birthday was on Friday and I thought it would be fun to do something on his birthday. You know, something besides just dinner. Maybe actually go on an adventure. A while back, I heard about Off The Grid in San Francisco, a big food truck event that happens every Friday night. As luck would have it, my parents were in town this weekend and willing to take the kids for the afternoon and night. So, once Connor was out of school, we headed out. We did some shopping and walking around before heading over to the food trucks.

I had read online that it is important to get there early as the crowds get crazy quick. The real positive of getting there right after it opened was scoring a free parking spot right outside of the venue. I didn't really care about lines…the kids weren't with us and we had all the time we wanted!!! That being said, we avoided most of the lines by getting there early. Plus, we were able to find seats to sit in while eating. After eating and getting up to walk around, there were no more seats to be found. It was a fun atmosphere though. A dj was playing music. A large crowd. A good mix of people - young, old, and even families. I definitely wouldn't hesitate to bring the kids back with us sometime, though I would bring a stroller for them as I know they would get tired of all the standing.

After eating and hanging out, we walked along the water for a bit and sat on a bench with a view of the golden gate bridge. I thought it would be the perfect place to watch the sun set, but after I looked on my phone and realized the sun wasn't setting for like another hour and a half…not to mention the guys that were smoking pot nonstop right next to us…we didn't make it until sunset. It was still a beautiful place to sit and talk for a while. To watch the water hit the walls on the shore, to see the sailboats and have the perfect view of not just the golden gate bridge, but also alcatraz. Definitely a good spot. Plus, I would say we didn't miss out much on the sunset, given that we did get to see it set with the harbor in the foreground and the golden gate bridge in the background. Not too shabby.

It was a fun day. Nice to spend some alone time with Ian. Time that didn't feel rushed because we weren't needing to rush back and pick up our kids. Time that didn't have much of an agenda and allowed for us to do whatever we were feeling like doing. It's nice to feel carefree like that from time to time. And the icing on the cake was that we were able to do it on Ian's birthday.

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  1. I'm sitting at my desk hungry for dinner and then I read this post. DROOL.

    Glad you got some grown up time with your hubs! :)


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