Preschool Open House

^^ Taken by Connor. Who, by the way, did a much better job than the lady that offered to take a family picture for us. So way to go Connor! 

^^ Isla sitting on her spot on the circle time rug.

Isla had her open house at preschool this week. I have always loved these things because it is fun for me as a parent to watch my kids get excited to show off their classroom and show off the artwork they made hanging in the classroom. Poor Isla was pretty mad on Monday when school got out that she couldn't take her craft project home with her until open house. She literally cried about it all the way to the car. And it ended up being the first thing she wanted to do when we got to open house. 

Probably the coolest thing at open house was Isla getting to see her favorite teacher from last year (and still her favorite). That teacher only works part time now and it's on the days Isla doesn't go to school, so there is never any hope of seeing her during the week. But Isla was oh-so-excited when Teacher Janet came up outside and said hi to her. 

Both kids got super into playing in Isla's classroom, but we kind of had to force them outside because the other class (Isla is MWF, but there is also a TTH class) was coming through soon after. They both played for a while. There are a lot of siblings at the school, so many of Connor's former classmates were there as well. In fact, the kids ran around and played for a good 45 minutes. By then it was dark and nearing bed time, so really time to head home. 

Preschool really is such a sweet time in a kid's life…and a mom's.

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