On Being Pregnant and Having Older Kids

When I was pregnant with Isla, people used to ask me all the time what Connor thought about it. I used to give them a strange look while thinking to myself, "He can't even string two words together, so you know, he has a lot to say about it!" Connor was all of 13 months old when I got pregnant with Isla. Connor never had anything to say about my growing belly or the fact that baby stuff was once again popping up in our house. And, to be honest, the transition from one to two was a pretty easy one for us. Connor was hyper and disobedient for a couple weeks, but that was it. Again, when she was born, he wasn't even talking in sentences, so it was just completely different than today.

Both kids are acutely aware that a baby will be joining our family. They talk about it with me and with other people all the time. Isla wants a sister and Connor, a brother. They talk about helping change its diaper. They talk about when it will be able to walk. They have tons of questions. From how the baby will come out to what the baby will be able to do when it comes out. Connor even said a few weeks ago that he wishes boys could have babies in their bellies because he doesn't want to be a girl, but he wants a baby in his belly someday. Of course, then he decided to stuff his bear in his vest (in the above photo). He was very proud of himself. And how could I not resist a double belly shot ;)

It's a whole different story than last time. My kids know what is going on. They are curious. They have a lot of questions. And I give them honest answers. Connor is excited to see the baby's umbilical cord (or what's left of it) after it's born. Isla says she wants the baby to sleep in her room. I know the excitement of a baby will wear off after it gets home and they discover that the baby cries a lot and demands a lot of mom's time and attention. But, for the time being, I am enjoying being in the "honeymoon phase" and having them be all sorts of excited about a new baby joining our family.

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  1. This is such a cool perspective of having that gap of time between Isla and baby #3. I'm so glad they are excited and you're right, I'm sure they won't be once they realize that newborns are a bunch of work. :) But that's okay too.


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