An Interview with Isla {4 years}

Just to remember some of the things Isla was in to when she turned four…or some of the things that just don't make sense and it will be fun to watch her answers change over the years.

What's your full name? Isla Grimbleby
How old are you? 4
How tall are you? 4
What color are your eyes? blue
What color is your hair? brown
What day of the week is it? I don' t know

What is your favorite…
     color - purple
     food - watermelon
     drink - apple juice
     ice cream - vanilla
     toy - Cinderella light up toy
     book - Cinderella
     song - princesses (I even questioned her on this, but she insisted on it. I really don't know.)
     show - Cinderella (sense a theme?!)
     thing to do - play
     game - hide and seek
     sport - silly (yeah, I don't know)
     animal - kitties

Who is your best friend? Felicity and Payslie
What is your favorite thing about yourself? My head

Three things that make you special:
     1. my toys
     2. my necklaces
     3. "that's all"

Some of Isla's answers took me by surprise a little. For instance, though she really likes Cinderella, I didn't expect her to pick all that Cinderella stuff. She plays with her stuffed kitties all the time and takes them everywhere with her, so I expected something like that to be her favorite toy. And I thought she would say Little Einstein's or Jake and the Neverland Pirates was her favorite show. I was excited to ask her things about herself and see her answers. Her saying her head was her favorite thing about herself made me smile. The answer came complete with her patting herself on the head. And the things that make her special threw me off a little, but gave me a chuckle too.

It's fun watching my kids grow up and I am excited to see the answers change over the years…and eventually I am sure I will have to take away their car keys to get them to cooperate with my little interviews ;)

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  1. I'm pretty certain her head is my favorite thing about her too!


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