Star Student Connor

As I mentioned before, Connor's weekend with Curious George kicked off his week of being star student in his class. Each day there was something special centered around him in the class. Monday was sharing his weekend with George and showing off his "all about me" poster from the beginning of the year. Tuesday he got to bring a book for the teacher to read to the class. He chose Curious George Goes to the Aquarium. Wednesday, I wrote a letter to him that was read to him in front of the class. It's supposed to be a letter telling Connor why he is so special to us…I will share the letter at the end of the blog. Let's just say it's a lot of pressure to try to write a letter in a way that would be meaningful to a five year old! Thursday, Connor got to bring an item to share with the class. He brought his police uniform (and I subsequently made him have a little photo shoot in it when he got home from school). And today, everyone draws a picture for Connor and he gets to take them all home. Connor also told me that there is a special star student cape you can wear every day, but he doesn't like wearing it. Also, his desk chair is decorated so everyone knows where he sits. Being star student really is a big deal!


There are so many things that make you special, that make you uniquely you. From you being born in Scotland, to your knowledge of the solar system. From your love of legos, to your incredible imagination. But, what really makes you special is your heart. Your desire to do good. Your desire to make others happy. Keep on being you. Because we love you so much just the way you are!

Love, Mom & Dad

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