Isla {4 years}

On the one hand, I would like to say "How did this girl become four years old already?!" but on the other, it really doesn't seem like yesterday that she was born…or even like yesterday that we were celebrating her third birthday. A lot of growing up was packed into her third year. She went from throwing a fit every time I dropped her off at preschool to handling it like a seasoned pro. She doesn't throw fits (tantrums) like she used to, though still has a knack for the dramatic. She still loves all things kitty and princess. Though her love of her brother's legos has certainly grown and it's becoming the norm to find her having snuck into his room to play with his legos.

Some of Isla's current favorites are all things cat related, Little Einstein, and anything arts and crafts related. Book-wise, she loves Pete the Cat and Dora the Explorer. As for food, she loves apple sauce, tomatoes, strawberry yogurt and frozen waffles.

Isla loves to play with her friends, but she is just as happy off playing by herself. In fact, she pretty much rocks at independent play. Most of the time, it involves her (stuffed) kitties or some sort of drawing…and as long as that drawing doesn't include the walls or furniture, I am down. Isla loves to read and often times I will find her asleep at night in her bed, cuddled up with a book…and her kitty nightlight, which I always think is semi dangerous and am sure to move back off her bed.

Isla loves to sing songs, both made up and real. She doesn't like it when Connor sings along with her and says shouts "I just want to sing by myself!!!" She is great at doing puzzles, even ones I thought she couldn't do by herself, she can totally conquer. She often talks about how she is getting her drivers license soon…yeah, sure you are. Isla has a very sweet side to her, where she likes to cuddle up with me in bed. She tells me often that she loves me and loves to give hugs.

^^ The headband didn't last long because apparently it was "itchy" 

^^ Apparently she hasn't mastered holding her thumb down by itself, so the improvised. 


I love this little girl of mine more than she understands and count it a privilege to be the one who gets to cuddle with her in bed in the morning. To be the one that gets to clean her scrapes when she falls. To be the one that gets to play puzzles with her on the floor. She is one special little person and I am glad I get to be her mom.


  1. happy birthday to a beautiful four year old!

  2. Happy birthday little one!! Sadly no video from me this year :(!! Hope she always stays the sweet way she is 💕💕


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