A Weekend with Curious George

When I saw Connor after school on Friday, the first thing I noticed was the yellow and red backpack he had with him. This meant he was chosen as "star student" and got to take Curious George home with him for the weekend. Every kid in the class gets to be star student at some point. It lasts for a week, but begins with the weekend with Curious George. You are supposed to take pictures and write about what you and George did that weekend. Here are some of the pictures from their weekend together.

^^ I LOVE this picture and look at their matching facial expressions. Too adorable, if you ask me.

^^ Every kid has to color a picture of Curious George and this was Connor's.

Connor chose to watch Curious George on tv with George on Friday night. Then, he cuddled with him when he went to bed. I was slightly grossed out thinking of all the places George probably has been, but could it really be any worse than what Isla does with the stuffed animals she sleeps with?! On Saturday, we took George up to Railtown to ride the steam train. Then, when we got home, he got to go check out the chickens at our neighbors house. I didn't take any pictures of George on Sunday, because, well I had to print the pictures out on Sunday and one can only do so much!

Connor got to tell the class about his weekend with Curious George on Monday and show them the pictures. I peppered him with questions about it, but only got that it was "good". Aww, to have been a fly on the wall and hear what he said to his classmates

Next up, I have to write Connor a letter that the teacher reads to him in front of the whole class about why he is so special. No pressure or anything!!!

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  1. What a really sweet idea! I, too, questioned the cleanliness of George. But what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger! :)

    (Great photos too!)


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