A Dog Of A Time

We are dog sitting my parents dog for a few weeks. The kids enjoy taking baths with her and walking her around on her leash. She enjoys chasing the kids, barking at them…the kids in turn, run between the couch and a chair while all 4.5 pound of dog chases and barks at them. I think all three of them love it.

I still am not on board with getting a pet, but little dogs always make it so much easier for me to be on board. They don't shed and their poops are small…so a win/win if you ask me. And now my aunt has me toying with the idea of an outdoor cat. Who knows what will happen. The kids want a pet and I don't really want the added responsibility, especially with a baby on the way.

But dog sitting for a couple weeks at a time, I can handle.

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  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE these photos! How awesome.

    We have two cats and they are REALLY self-sufficient. I basically only see them after the kids are in bed when they want to snuggle on my lap. But one does like to throw up often - so that's not fun.


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