34 Weeks

I kind of can't believe that my due date is in 6 weeks. 42 days. I literally almost had a mini panic attack in the preschool parking lot when I was looking at Isla's November calendar and realized my due date is a mere week and a half after her Thanksgiving party. I feel so unprepared. Yet, I am not exactly sure what I need to prepare anyway. Sure we still need to get the crib out of the garage and set it up. But we have a car seat and I bought a pack of diapers and wipes at the store yesterday. And I washed all the newborn baby clothing I have…I put all the gender neutral in one drawer and all the boy/girl in another drawer. I didn't bother pulling out any other sizes because I figure I will just do that after the baby comes and I know what it is. I guess I am feeling like I am in this weird limbo stage. I want to nest…like I am at that point when I spend hours scouring the internet for the perfect mobile to go over the not-yet-set-up crib, only to not want to spend the ridiculous price of said mobile I just spent hours trying to find. I may make my own. 

Pregnancy wise, things are going well. After gaining a crap ton of weight in my first trimester, I have waaay slowed down the weight gain and am totally on track to stay well within the 25-35 recommended pounds. Of course, you never know what those end of pregnancy cravings could do to me! Honestly, I haven't been craving anything crazy. In fact, I really haven't been craving much at all. Even fast food (which I normally LOVE me some Taco Bell) just sounds blah. So I am sure that has helped with the lack of weight gain. At my doctor's appointment last week, they asked me if I am exercising. I totally just laughed. Of course, they were nice enough to appease me and say that it is hard to exercise this late in pregnancy…yeah, because I have been staying super active this whole pregnancy before now ;)

I am getting tired of wearing the same clothes over and over. Most of them are basics, so sometimes I just feel a little blah because of that. And I can't really jazz up my basics with a scarf or necklace because I am still having a huge gag reflux when things touch my neck. I really hope that goes away after pregnancy because I have never dealt with that before. I will be excited when the weather turns a little cool, as I have a couple long sleeve tops and that makes me feel like I am mixing things up a bit…yeah, I am living life on the edge over here. 

So there you have it. All is healthy and well. Baby still doesn't have a name…well, and given that we don't know what it is, won't until birth anyway. But we don't have a boy or girl name set in stone. I am not exercising. We need to set up the crib. I know, exciting stuff. But I have been doing some Christmas shopping because, well, I really should get that done in the next 6 weeks. 

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