Isla {3 years}

Weight: 30.2lbs 
Height: 36.5 inches

Can spell her name...and Connor's too
Knows her first & last name
Can count to 29...and higher if you remind her of the first number (30, 40, etc)
Knows all her letters by sight

Oh, three year olds. They are on the cusp of adulthood (or so they think), yet they still need their mommies. Isla can be so independent about things, even more so than Connor, then turn around and be so clingy and refuse to go to anyone else but Ian or I. 

Some of Isla's current favorites are all things cat related, Bo on the Go, coloring and painting, also anything pink and sparkly. Every time we read, she picks the same Dora the Explorer book. It has been the same book for a couple months now. I usually try to read another book before I read that one, so at least I am not reading the exact same book over and over...even if it still feels that way! As for food, some of her current favorites are tortillas, apple juice, yogurt (specifically the ones in tubes), bananas and hummus. And the girl will never ever say no to chips. It doesn't matter what kind, she will eat them. 

Isla does not like being in a shopping cart, though that is not something new. She does well in her stroller. She also enjoys me wearing her in a carrier, though much prefers being on my front than on my back. She took many a naps this way while on our trip. She also prefers to be carried over walking...I guess she is just trying to give her mama a work out! 

Isla can be quite opinionated about things. My personal favorite is when she doesn't want something (say to be in her car seat or a cart) she will scream "stop hurting me". And well, being in public, that is a little embarrassing. I have noticed that she does it to other people as well, so that makes me feel a little better. Often times she doesn't want to get in her car seat, so I hear it a lot as I am forcing her into her seat. 

Isla also has a very sweet and motherly side to her. When I hold her, she will put her hand on my back and rub it, like I do with her. She also asks me all the time, "Mama, what you doing?" or "Mama, how you doing?" And, she is generous with her hugs and kisses, which I like. She also enjoys cuddling up with me or Ian and reading a book or watching tv. And her holding my hand, really my finger, when we walk is just about the best thing ever. 

Isla started taking about her birthday and her party a couple months ago. I wasn't expecting her to want one, but we went to another birthday party, so from then on, she talked of her "pink birthday party". Then, it switched to her "Scotland birthday party".  She ended up with a party in her preschool class, a doughnut/dress up party with some of her friends, and then family coming over to celebrate her. What we learned through all these parties is the girl does not like attention, just like her mommy. Every time she was sung happy birthday, she would cover her face. 

If you want to take a look back, here are some of Isla's past updates - 2 years, 18 months, 12 months, 6 months and birth. Or, if you want to compare, here is Connor's 3 year update.

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  1. Aww!! These pictures are so beautiful!
    She's getting so big ♡

  2. Happy 3rd birthday - she's beautiful!

    And I can't believe she'll nap in a carrier. I'm jealous. I couldn't imagine Tay doing that. And I really really wish she would!

  3. what an adorable little peanut... My Gemma also hates getting into her car seat, protesting the straps are to tight... she also loves all things cat. try getting hold of The Stray Kitten by Judy Waite & Gavin Rowe... Happy birthday to your little girl. I found age 3 really trying at times, hope it is not the same for you.


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