The Biggest Messes Create the Most Fun and the Best Memories

After school yesterday, Connor asked if we could make "biscuits with pancake mix".  Apparently they made them at school...yep, they cook in his class. I asked if he wanted to make cookies instead, but he really wanted to make those biscuits. I even threw caution to the wind (or more took a deep breath and decided that it was ok to let my just cleaned kitchen get dirty) and let Connor pour the ingredients himself. Once the biscuits were in the oven, I decided to get a head start on dinner. Immersed in my work, I turned around when Connor asked for more milk. What was waiting for me was this scene:

Connor had dumped the rest of the bisquick in the bowl and was trying to mix it. Since it was already in the bowl, I figured it wouldn't hurt to let him do his thing. So, he got to play with (and eat!) the gooey mess until his heart was content.

^^ His cheese face looks so forced! 

After he finished playing, I cleaned up the mess...with a happy heart, knowing that my little boy spent a great deal of his afternoon doing something he wanted to do...making biscuits, playing with the dough and eating it...and none of it involved electronics, which far too often is a request these days.

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