Scotland & Thoughts on Early Motherhood

Being pregnant away from your home base is a different experience. Our families never saw me pregnant in person. They never touched my belly and felt Connor kick. Baby products are different in Scotland, so I couldn't ask friends in America for advice. And, well, the same goes for the medical system. My coworkers at Starbucks loved talking about my pregnancy though and enjoyed feeling Connor kick. I was like a live science experiment to them. They even threw me a surprise baby shower. But, when I went on maternity leave, we moved 2.5 hours north of Edinburgh to Aberdeen.

My first year of motherhood was pretty much the same way. Once, Connor had a cold and I asked a random lady with a baby at church for advice. Our small group leaders helped a ton. The wife always invited me places and made sure I got out of the house, both with and without Connor. She would offer me advice and encourage me when Connor just didn't want to be in the church nursery.

When I was tired, I had no one to call and ask to take Connor for a little while. I just put my big girl panties on and dealt with it...of course, it helped that I was just dealing with one kid! I didn't drive. I went for a walk with Connor every day, despite the weather...sunshine, rain or snow. I would walk to Starbucks, sit down and drink a cup of coffee. I would wonder around book stores and shops. I made a weekly trip to the movies for "cine-babaies"...they showed movies at lower volumes and only moms with babies were allowed in the theater.

I realize my experience as a first time mom probably would have been vastly different had we lived in California. Sure, it still would have been special. But it probably wouldn't have taught me to be so strong. It probably wouldn't have eased me into the world, into the rat race, of motherhood as easily. I really do appreciate all our time in Scotland. But the time of me transitioning into motherhood will always be the most special.

^^ Standing in the exact same spot as my maternity picture taken 5 years earlier

^^ The hospital Connor was born in (it was pouring down rain when I made Connor get out of the car to take this picture) and the house we lived in.

^^These are the winter gardens (a HUGE enclosed garden) at a park that was just by our house. I spent a lot of time with Connor at that park and when the weather was bad, I walked through these gardens with him. 

I really didn't expect being back in Scotland to bring up so many emotions in me. Good emotions. It was fun going back and remembering what that transition to motherhood was like. And remembering all the places we used to take Connor. Scotland will always hold a special place in my heart...and, well, Connor will always have a birth certificate (and passport) from there. 

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  1. I'm so glad you blogged through all of that (and that I got to follow along). It was such fun reading your adventures of motherhood in another country. I image it was lonely sometimes too though. I think your commitment to walking everyday was such a smart one. Fresh air is so necessary when you're feeling cooped up with a small baby; especially when you don't have family nearby to help!


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