Conversations with Connor

The other day, while driving, there was a homeless man walking in the middle of the road with all of his worldly possessions in a shopping cart he was pushing. From the back seat, Connor said, "Mom, did you see that man? He really shouldn't be picking up trash in the middle of the road because a car could hit him." I am guessing Connor thought the man was picking up trash, because that really looked like what his cart was full of. This encounter opened the door for Connor and I to have a conversation about homeless people. At first, he couldn't grasp the concept...he probably still doesn't fully get it. He asked why the man would sleep on the street instead of in a "cozy bed". After I told him the man couldn't afford a home, he suggested the man stay in a hotel. Once I explained that hotels cost more than a home, he suggested that "he go to Lowes and buy the stuff and an oven and build his own house." Then I explained that stuff at Lowes costs money and the man just doesn't have any. Then Connor said, "I will build a house with an over and a bunch of food in the refrigerator and will say, "This house is free." Then the man can find a mom to live with him and they can have a sweet baby boy."

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