Isla is Three!

The little GIRL who lights up our home with sparkles, glitter, pink and her huge personality is THREE today! It's kind of fun that she gets to have an extra long birthday...32 hours to be exact...spread across two continents. Of course, that also means that she will be celebrating part of her big day trapped in an airplane. But, that isn't all bad, given that she will have a little tv (built in the seat in front of her) at her disposal full of all sorts of tv shows for her to choose from...though, if it is anything like the trip over, she will watch Mickey Mouse Club House the whole time.

Later this week, we will properly celebrate this little girl. But, big celebration on her birthday or not, she means so much to us. I love you Miss Isla Grace and hope you have an amazing birthday and an even better fourth year of life.

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  1. Happy birthday to you sweet girl!! x

  2. Happy belated birthday again :)
    And here is my video for you xx
    I really hope you like it!!


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