Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from my little astronaut and fluttershy (my little pony) to you! It's supposed to rain here today, so I am not sure how much of halloween we will be enjoying. But, if the weather is good, we will be headed out to a fall fair at the church where the kids go to preschool. We haven't been successful with trick-or-treating in our area...it's really busy with bigger kids and they literally pushed our kids out of the way to get to the door first...so we are sticking to church fairs until the kids are old enough to fight back. I kid, kind of.

It's getting more and more fun the older my kids get to have them actively participate in what they want to be for halloween. It started last year with Connor wanting to be a minion. And this year, both kids actively participated in what they wanted to be. Connor's astronaut costume is actually a dress up costume, rather than halloween, so it is more quality and has already endured lots of play! I may or may not have gotten it a few months ago. And Isla wanted to be her favorite My Little Pony character. I searched pinterest for inspiration, then made her costume at a craft night with friends one night. Her face mask is an etsy find. 

What about you, got any plans for halloween? 

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