A Dress Up Doughnut Party

My kids always seem to become obsessed with their birthday party long before it is their birthday. It always starts when they are at someone else's party and they realize that all your friends bring you presents. I didn't expect the craze to start when Isla was two, but it did. For the last few months she has been taking about "my pink birthday party". Then it turned into "my birthday party in Scotland". 

Knowing Isla's birthday was the day we got back from vacation and that we would be dealing with jet lag and trying to get back in the swing of things, I wanted to just do something small. So the idea of a dress up doughnut party was born. I was able to recycle the bunting and table centerpiece from Isla's first birthday. Then, I glitter spray painted a number three and made Isla a little personalized vase out of an old sauce jar...and that worked out perfectly because Isla's papa showed up at the airport with flowers for her. 

The party itself consisted of four of Isla's little friends. They ate doughnuts, put on princess dresses and tons of accessories then played to their hearts content...or until I had to go pick up Connor from school. It was such an easy and chill party. There were no games, no food to prepare, nothing. I loved how easy it was, yet how much fun Isla had. 

^^ Notice the hands holding Isla in the picture. She was refusing to be in the picture. And notice the crying baby to her left; she didn't want to be in the picture either. 

 ^^ Coloring with coloring books Isla got for her birthday. Do you see all the dress up clothes on the couch?! I was so happy that my friend showed up at the party with tons of dress up stuff because Isla doesn't have much yet. 

^^ If you haven't ever noticed, Isla really likes accessories and can never have too many on at one time. 

I was glad Isla got to celebrate her birthday with her friends. It was also fun that it was all girls. She normally has her brother and friends brothers around too, so it felt special to have a girly party. 

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  1. What a perfect idea! And donuts are a huge hit in this house, so I'm sure everyone loved it!


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