Isla {1 Year}

Weight:  20lbs, 15oz 
Length:  30 inches 

Walking across the room
8 teeth
Holds the phone to her ear and says "hello"

I'm a little late on this one, but I am guessing Isla won't care.

Now that Isla is pretty much exclusively walking, she is definitely out of the baby phase. And for some reason, it weirds me out seeing this little person walking all over. I am not sure why. It's like she shouldn't be able to do it yet. Maybe she is growing up to quickly for my comfort...I feel like a broken record with this one. Even though she can walk on her own, it is really cute to watch her take someone's hand finger and walk around. I also have to be more careful now because she has also seemed to gain more of an independence in the house and wanders into other rooms and gets into things. Now is when the real fun begins! 

Isla's hair is now long enough for pigtails. Having never done pigtails before, I never realized how hard they are to do on babies. That fine hair combined with a wiggly head and an oh so tiny hair tie makes for quite the situation. Thankfully, I seem to be quickly getting the hang of it and Isla sort of seems to like getting her hair done...such a girl! After playing around with Isla's hair for a few days, I decided I prefer the look of one pigtail (I guess a ponytail) off to the side. I know, you guys all really care about these details! And speaking of hair, Isla loves brushing her hair. She takes my brush and does it after I brush mine in the morning. It is really cute and something I don't remember Connor ever doing...another reason I think gender really is ingrained in us. 

Food wise Isla will eat pretty much anything and everything. For a while now I have only been feeding her table food (i.e. no baby food) and it works really well. She eats what we eat and she feeds herself. We have started giving her silverware, but she still just bangs it on things rather than trying to eat with it. Isla is still nursing, as I mentioned in this post, and I don't know how long she will go for. I have started to introduce her to cows milk. She seems to like it and will drink it, but only if it is in her brother's cup and she takes it from him. Who knows what that is about?! She also got a hold of some orange juice the other day and I have never seen the girl drink so fast in her life. It was funny and I am sure like liquid candy for her. 

Sleep wise Isla is doing well. She had a difficult time a couple weeks ago when she was sick, but she is doing good and only getting up about once a night. Usually it is around 5-6am, but sometimes she will wake up more around 2am. Either way, I nurse her and she goes right back to sleep and generally won't wake for the day until about 8:30am. It is nice to finally seem to have a good nighttime routine and no longer have chaotic nights. Isla is still taking two naps a day, but seems to be transitioning over to one. The only thing is, on the days that she only takes one nap, she is definitely DONE by bed time and that makes the evenings a little tricky. 

Its fun watching Isla's personality grow and develop. I look forward to what type of person she will become. Hopefully she still won't be throwing herself on the ground when she doesn't get her way as an adult. I kid. But it is funny to hear that many people seem to have way more trouble with their girls having temper tantrums than their boys. And we definitely have a drama queen on our hands. She is either all smiles or all drama. Last week we were out as a family and she had a meltdown of ginormous proportions. As we were walking back to the car, we passed a bench with some people on it. A guy sitting there said "hi baby girl". Isla stopped crying and smiled. As soon as we were passed the bench, she threw herself back again and continued her tantrum. Like I said, drama. But I love my little girl, drama and all. She just adds a little extra stress spice to my life this way! 

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  1. This was so interesting to read. Especially the part about her using your toothbrush and gender being ingrained.
    And my hair is getting long enough for pigtails too!

    I threw way more tantrums than my brother.

    I love reading about what a good sleeper she is. Most of the time when I read about babies and sleeping, it's a complaint about it (understandable, of course).

    That one ponytail is oh-so-cute and kinda makes her look like an adorable unicorn.


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