The Ups & Downs of Parenting

That unexpected moment when you walk in the room and realize your toddler that no longer takes naps  fell asleep on the couch while you were putting his sister down for a nap.

Pure bliss.

It may look like he is watching something on the phone, but he is fast asleep

That moment when you look over and notice your sleeping toddler has peed all over your couch while asleep.

Total mommy failure. 

Yet at the same time, I got more than an hour of time to myself and that rarely happens these days. That pee all over the couch just may have been worth it.


  1. oh....i'm trying not to laugh...but it's pretty funny. but sorry. :(

  2. Awwww! Poor Connor and Jessica! This is totally an awkward/awesome.
    How is that a Mommy failure?! You're the best mom. :)

  3. hahaha... LOVE this!!! so worth the hour to yourself!!!

  4. Oh I laughed so hard! I can totally see how it was worth that hour!


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