Due Date-iversary

Exactly one year ago today was the date Isla was supposed to make her grand appearance into this world...or something like that. These pictures were taken exactly one year apart. Isn't it crazy what a difference a year makes? We didn't even know that was a little Isla inside of me at that point. In fact, I was totally convinced it was a boy. But what did I know?!

In honor of my due date-iversary, I thought I would share Isla's birth story. Here is the story of how Isla made entrance into the world. 

October 12:

I had a doctor's appointment. I was 3 days past my due date. I asked the doctor to do a membrane sweep and she did. I wasn't feeling too hopeful about the whole thing. After all, they did make a 41 week appointment for me. 

That afternoon I was sitting in Connor's room after his nap and started feeling uncomfortable. By the time Ian got home from work, I was definitely feeling things. My mother-in-law called, I acted like nothing was happening. My sister-in-law was texting me and I again said nothing was going on. For some reason, I didn't want people to know. I didn't want people around me or people constantly asking how I was feeling. Even though at this point I didn't think I was actually in labor, we decided to take Connor to my parent's house for the night...this was Connor's first night ever away from us. At my mom's, I again acted like I wasn't feeling anything. I didn't want anyone to think I was a wuss. I asked Ian if we could get my car washed on the way home, but quickly decided I was in too much pain to tolerate it. We went home. 

At home I got in the bath. It was instant pain relief for me. I could still feel the contractions, but they were much easier. The problem was, I was HOT. So, I got out. I tried laboring while watching tv. At this point, my contractions were coming every 5 minutes and I was having to rock through them and have Ian give counter pressure on my lower back. After an hour of this, I decided to get back in the bath. This time I was smarter, I made Ian constantly feed me ice pops! I texted my best friend letting her know what was going on. I stayed in the bath more than an hour, trying to decide it I was really in labor. You see, my contractions weren't exactly 5 minutes apart. One would come in 2 minutes, the next in 7. I didn't consider that consistent. Still, Ian was begging me to call the hospital. He was afraid I was going to have the baby in the bath. At about 11:15, I decided to get out of the bath. When getting out, I lost my mucus plug. I decided this was reason enough to call the hospital. They told me to come in and get checked out. 

I sat on a towel in the car, as I was afraid my water would break and go all over the seat. On the way to the hospital, we went through the Starbucks drive thru. I remember having a contraction while at the drive thru window. Fun times. We made it to the hospital at 11:50. I asked if I should wait until midnight to check in. The nurses laughed. You see, I had to pay per day at the hospital and a day is seen as midnight to midnight. I was trying to only pay for one day. 

Even though I had pre-checked in, the process still took FOREVER. I tried to act like I wasn't in pain. I would just be quiet when having a contraction. A nurse took me into a bathroom by myself to ask how things were at home. I was having a contraction and felt done with constantly being asked if my husband abuses me. What is with pregnant women and abuse anyway?! Every single stinking doctors appointment I was asked about it. But I digress. 

In triage, when they hooked me up to the monitors, I asked the nurse if I was a wuss. She said the monitor doesn't actually monitor the strength/pain of contractions. Who knew?! The midwife came in to check me. I was 6cm and my water bag was bulging. The nurse said I was in fact not a wuss. The midwife asked if I wanted an epidural. I said I was fine to proceed as is. She told me it was now or never as I would "go fast". I said ok. After I got to my room, I was checked again and was now 8cm. The anisethesologist came in and gave me an epidural. The nurse turned off the lights and Ian and I went to sleep. Next thing I knew, the nurse was waking me up to check me. She said she could see the head. The midwife came in and said it was going to happen fast. My midwife was awesome by the way. Making jokes and being amazing the whole dang time. 

About halfway thru the pushing process, I decided I wanted to hold my legs myself. It made it easier to push. I held them above my head. Classy, I know. But I promise it made it easier to push. About this time I also noticed what time it was. After 4am. Connor was born at 4:18am. The midwife was making jokes that I should hold off on the pushing so this baby could be born at the same time. When the baby was coming out, I panicked and asked the midwife who was going to catch it. She said "You are! Put your hands down there and grab your baby." It was the coolest and most disgusting experience ever. I wouldn't replace it for anything. Yet, I will also never forget how extremely warm and gooey Isla was. She was born into the world at 4:11am on October 13th. 

We looked, IT'S A GIRL! This was a shock to me. I was convinced I was having a boy. Ian said "Does this mean our house is going to be covered in pink?" Sorry Ian, but yes! Isla pooped on me. Awesome. Then I kept forgetting about it and sticking my hand in it. Double awesome. Ian held Isla and the nurse let me change out of my poop covered gown. Then I nursed Isla. We held her, talked to her and nursed her for about an hour before they took her to weigh and measure her...which happened in my room. Either way, I thought it was cool that we got that time with her. While Ian was taking pictures of her being measured and weighted, I called my mom. 

Pretty quickly we got transferred from labor and delivery to my room. About that time, I was getting tired. Of course, that is about the time that all the visitors started arriving. Ian's parents first, followed closely by my mom and Connor. Connor was afraid and wouldn't go to either me or Ian. He soon warmed up. By the time he came back for another visit in the afternoon, he was his normal hyper self. 

It was a much different, more calm and easier experience than Connor's birth (part 1 and part 2). I was definitely glad for that. 

And in case you want to remember what her birth day looked like in photos, click here


  1. awwww, I love these two pictures! I think you should have them framed side by side!

    Thanks for sharing Isla's birth story. I love how honest you are with things, like having her poop on you, and admitting she felt disgusting. Your honesty is one of my favorite things about you.

  2. Oooh, thank you for sharing! I really liked reading about how strong you were.
    I had forgotten or never known that you thought Isla was going to be a boy! How interesting. My mom was sure my brother was an Annie and called him that the whole time she was pregnant, haha.


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