The other day I had pretty much given up on fall. After all, it was 98 degrees out. 98 degrees. In October. Then this morning I opened my door to grab the paper. I felt something I hadn't felt in a while. Could it actually be cold?! I checked the weather report. 70's. Oh how things can change in two short days.

I excitedly dressed both Isla and I in jeans today. Jeans. Something I haven't had to wear in a while, but love with all my heart. Jeans and a tank top. I think Isla rocks the look.

Tank: Gymboree
Jeans: Cherokee
Shoes: Saltwaters
This whole outfit is hand-me-downs. Score!

And just like that, I am feeling in the fall sort of way. I got a hot drink at Starbucks tonight that made my belly oh-so-happy. I started thinking about how I need to take my kids to the pumpkin patch, as we all know how much I like that! And I started thinking how in a matter of weeks my front lawn will be covered in leaves. And the streets will be filled with piles of leaves that me and the kids can run through. So excited. Thanks for finally making an appearance fall!


  1. YAY for fall!! I am seriously loving having my windows open and enjoying October weather.

    Isla is such a stinkin' cutie!! Her smile makes me smile every time!!

  2. It's colder here (actually get to use a blanket at night) but not cold enough for jeans. I'm jealous of Isla (and you!).

  3. Do you feel like Connor looks more like Ian, and Isla looks more like you? That's what I see, but I'd like to get your opinion on it!


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