Pumpkin Patch Fun

I can't believe that halloween is almost here and we have only been to the pumpkin patch twice this year! I love the pumpkin patch...uh, I mean, my kids love the pumpkin patch. To be fair, they really do. But I really do too. There is something about the festive atmosphere. The piles of pumpkins everywhere. The pennant flags blowing in the wind. The animals in the background. The dried corn pit. I just love it all.

Of course, just like every other public place out there, the pumpkin patch is a lesson in sharing. After discovering last year that other moms would bring toys for their kids to play in the dried corn, I stepped up my game and started bring toys this year. The problem is, other kids want to play with the toys too. Sometimes it is fine, other times it is disastrous. And I always forget to wear the proper shoe attire to climb in the corn after my child and let me tell you, that corn hurts.

We did have a fun time today though. And it went well. No major meltdown when it was time to go. There was some eating of the dried corn on Isla's part, oh and a bite of a gourd...but how could she resist, right?! And Connor was oddly fond of the port-a-pot sinks. What really helped is my parents were there with us today and down to let my kids both go in whichever direction they want to go. That's a little bit harder when it is just me and there are two of them. Crazy kids with crazy wills!

I am already starting to mourn the end of the pumpkin patch season. I better sneak in another trip or two before it is al over!

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  1. I really want to make it to a pumpkin patch but our weather report keeps forcasting rain!


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