Bath Time

Bath time has always been a sacred time on our house. It is a moment of peace in the midst of chaos. This started when Connor was a baby. When he would get into his crying fits (i.e. crying for h-o-u-r-s) we could plop him in the bath for a few minutes of peace. Of course, once the water got cold and we pulled him out, the crying started back up. But those few minutes of quiet were so needed.

Fast forward to Ian working late nights. Me being home alone with Connor all day long. By the end of the day I was tired and worn out. I could throw Connor in the bath and he would sit contentedly and play for as long as I would let him.

Then Isla came. At first I bathed them both separately. Quickly I moved Isla into the bath with Connor. but it was always a struggle trying to keep her from squirming out of her chair. I longed for the day that she could sit up unaided in the bath. That day come. It was amazing. The kids would just sit in relative harmony and play.

Lately something has happened. Connor still loves his baths. He is happy to play for hours if I would let him. Isla, on the other hand, turns into a crazy woman in the bath. She tries doing belly flops, standing and grabbing anything and everything. She moves so much and falls under the water every few seconds. And that doesn't bother her! Crazy girl! It has gotten so bad that we literally only let her stay in the bath for a minute or two because she is so out of control.

Hopefully this is just a little phase. Ian's busy season is coming and I will need a moment of peace at the end of a long day!


  1. Oh no! Little Dora the Explorer. I also hope this is a phase or that you discover another soothing activity for her (though it'd be real nice if it was the same one for both).
    You know what I really love about these pictures of Isla? She ALWAYS has the expression of, "Oh! HEY MOM! I sure do love you!" Like she's pleasantly surprised.

  2. i love bath time's the only time we get to take off parker's harness, so i truly embrace this time!


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