Dr. Talbots Diaper Rash Ointment {Nuby Product Review}

Did you know that not all diaper creams are made equal? So call me stupid, but it took me almost 3 years of being a mother and a super bad rash on Isla's part before I figured this one out. But to be fair, I am not a daily diaper cream user. I am more of a use it when there is a problem mom. 

It was a bad rash and I wanted to do all I could to make sure it went away...fast. Every time I changed Isla's diaper, she would scream. It was sad. But when I would put on the Dr. Talbots, she would stop crying. It was like it made her feel better. That's when I decided to compare diaper rash creams and discovered that they are not made equal. Most creams are just a skin protectant and contain zinc oxide. But Dr. Talbots takes it one step further. Not only does it contain zinc oxide, but it also contains peruvian balsam, an antiseptic/tissue repair. And after dealing with this bad rash with Isla, I am a believer. I also now am a believer in researching everything! What's the point in using a product when it won't even help?!

Dr. Talbots is a light brown color and has a bit of a smell to it. Not a bad smell, just a smell I can't put my finger on as to what it is. Maybe a little medicinal? But the thing I like is that it isn't crazy oily and sticky like other diaper rash creams I have used, making application much easier. And of course, it goes on the top of my list for easing Isla's pain and making her stop screaming at the top of her lungs during diaper changes! And for any of you cloth diapering mama's out there, it is not cloth diaper safe. I used a fleece liner while using it and that worked fine for me. 

You can purchase Dr. Talbots at BuyBabyDirect.com. $6.99 for the 4oz tube. I would also suggest keeping your eyes peeled on Nuby's Facebook page in case they give it away again. I won a tube on there a few months back. And it's definitely worth having on had for those really bad diaper rashes. 

I did not receive any compensation for this post, although as part of the Nuby Mommy Blogger program I may receive items to sample or review. 

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  1. oh man...Parker just went through a horrible diaper rash...the only thing that helped is a creme called Calmoseptine...my midwife recommended it when nothing else worked!


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