Awkward/Awesome {nine}

Awesome: Both kids were quiet and well behaved while waiting in a long line at the post office
Awkward: Both kids were playing with iPhones while waiting in said long line at the post office

Awkward: Having a group of construction workers obviously check me out
Awkward x2: My mother-in-law seeing it and mentioning it to me

Awkward: Bracing something between my bare feet and drilling into it
Awesome: My mom telling me there was a much easier way to do the craft project that wouldn't end in me needing a tetanus shot
Awkward: Me realizing that if I had just read the original directions, I would have known this

Awkward: The home button on my iPhone broke, rendering my phone practically useless
Awesome: With a little googling, I found a quick fix and it worked! 

Awesome: Our camera is back from Canon
Awkward: It sat at the camera shop all day begging to be picked up and Ian never got it...I am having withdrawals

Awesome: Cleaning off the table, sweeping and doing all the dishes right after dinner
Awkward: The fact that I normal NEVER do this and just live with the mess

Awkward: Taking a million pictures of Connor drinking from the drinking fountain at the park
Awesome: One amazing picture made it all worth it

Awesome: Someone I knew through my old job making it into the pages of both People and US Weekly
Awkward: It was because their wife (who was a child star) left them

Awkward: The freaking weather! It's October, why are we still in the triple digits!? 
Awkward x2: I couldn't figure out how to spell digit and had to use spell check! 

Anything awkward or awesome happen to you lately? 

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  1. I don't know, I happen to think it's pretty awesome you put something in between your feet to drill! Sounds very much like something I would do...

    Also, isn't it amazing how one picture can make it all worth it? :)


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