Connor {3 years}

Weight: 31 lbs, 6oz
Height: 37.5 inches

Talks up a storm...and surprises me with the words he knows
Knows his abc's & recognizes many letters
Can count to 15 and recognizes numbers
Fully potty trained - day & night

This little man turned three today. He was way more interested in playing with his fireman hat than posing for pictures. At first I wasn't happy about this, then I realized these photos really do represent where he is at in life right now and that made me smile.

Some of Connor's current favorites in life right now are Fireman Sam, all things train (Thomas, Chuggington, real trains, etc.),  cars, cheese, candy, soda (when he manages to steal it from people), going though the car wash. Connor still has a great interest in books and will "read" them. It is really cute to hear him "read" the story. His current favorite book is Dr. Seuss's Are You My Mother, followed closely by any Thomas the Train books, Clifford books and Maisy books.

I should also mention that daddy has definitely become Connor's favorite. Connor always wants Ian to put him to bed and literally won't even say goodnight to me unless Ian forces him. But I must say, it isn't all bad because he now also prefers Ian if he wakes up at night. And that, well it is pure bliss for me.

Connor's latest trend in sleeping has been him coming into our bed in the middle of the night. I both love it and dislike it. I love it because I do love the cuddles...I grew up sneaking into my parents bed every night and cuddling with my dad. And well, he seems to sleep in longer in the morning if he is in our bed. I dislike it because somehow I end up literally falling out of the bed as Connor and Ian take over. Last night I actually slept at the foot of the bed once Connor joined us. And speaking of sleep, Connor really doesn't nap anymore. On the days that he does, it usually is very hard to put him to bed that night. But I do try to always give him some quiet time every day.

As I mentioned above, Connor is fully potty trained. Boy was that a battle of the wills. But once I figured out what worked for him, we haven't had a problem since. He rarely ever has an accident, including at night. And I have to say, it is so nice not having to change those extra diapers every day. Not to mention, teeny-tiny underwear are just about the cutest thing ever! Did you know they even make boxer briefs for little boys?! So freaking cute.

Ever since having my own babies, I have been shocked how engrained in us our gender is. And Connor is all boy. It makes me laugh to see how into trains, cars and tractors he is. That doesn't mean that he doesn't like helping me in the kitchen or push around Isla's doll stroller from time to time, but this boy would certainly prefer lining up his dinosaurs on the train track and ramming them with his trains any day of the week!

Connor has been so excited about his birthday. He kept saying "I will be three on my birthday". And yesterday when I told him the special things we had planned for his birthday, he said "That sounds birthday" It was so cute. His only request for his birthday has been cake and cake we will have tonight when we celebrate this adorable little boy turning three.


  1. So cute! and so big! I'm bummed I wasn't around to celebrate his birthday with him.... but it was good to hangout with you guys the other day!



  2. Happy birthday Connor!

    It is also funny to me how gender is so innate. It is definitely there. The other day I wanted to go into Claire's. Levi was with me, he stepped one foot in they're and turned around and said I don't like this store it stinks. I was like what?! It does not at stink! He is so anti-girly things it's ridiculous. Anyway, no matter what I did or say, he was not going into Claire's. So odd to be in this stage but also so funny!


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