Family Pictures

Since having kids, family pictures around the holidays has turned in to a bit of a tradition. We had ours taken a week ago and I was excited to see how they turned out. As you may or may not know, family photos involving children are always an adventure. There is always someone who doesn't want to look at the camera, or perhaps someone who doesn't even want to be in the photo!

By the looks of these pictures, all those fruit snacks used to bribe my kids paid off. The pictures are beautiful.

I can't wait to get these up on my walls! And all over my Christmas cards! Aww, I love em!

In case you are local and looking for a photographer, we use Kori & Jared and they always blow me away with their amazing photos.


  1. Oh so sweet and innocent! These are gorgeous! I love the tree in the background! And you are looking hot!

  2. In love these pictures. They are all sooo beautiful! You have such a beautiful family.

  3. Oh Jessica that first picture is to die for! I also love the one of the four of you walking in a line.

    I dream of getting family pictures sometimes (when we have kids) but I'm so much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it that I just don't know...


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