Parenting is Hard

There are those times as a parent that you feel like an utter and complete failure. As if you are totally failing at the job that God so graciously entrusted you with. Today was one of those days. Who am I kidding, the last few days have been one of those days!

This morning I was totally that mom at Starbucks. The mom whose kid pushed everyone out of the way so he could grab himself a beverage from the refrigerated section. The mom whose kid, then proceeded to try grabbing everything else as well. The mom whose kid then proceeded to run around pushing people, having a fit about something or another…you get the picture.

As I walked out of Starbucks, I cursed Starbucks in my head for not having a drive thru store close to me, then this wouldn’t have happened. Yep. It’s all Starbucks fault for my misbehaving child.

I could go on and on about what happened when I pushed my luck even further by running more errands. Really, the whole point of the story is I ended the morning  feeling like I should have never left the house, like I wanted to be in a dark room and wish away the whole morning. This whole parenting of a strong-willed toddler thing is hard business. Pack on top of that my temper tantrum/drama toddler and it felt like it should be bedtime and it wasn’t even noon.

I’m thankful for nap/quiet time that should hopefully reset both me and the kids. That combined with the fact that we are headed to the zoo with my sister-in-law this afternoon, gives me hope that the day can still turn around. 

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  1. oh man...I now look at moms with kids having tantrums completely differently!


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