Connor's Birthday Celebration

I am not a big party person, but I still wanted to do something to celebrate Connor's birthday and make him feel special. So what I decided to do was take him and a friend out for a couple hours of fun.

I took them to Funworks and first let them play in the soft play area. That was fun and easy. I could basically sit there and watch them run around. It was funny to see their differences in personalities come out as they would both want to play with different things and would be yelling for each other to come with them.

Next up was games! I thought this would be easy, but I was wrong. Two three-year-olds running in opposite directions is anything but easy! And once I would get them to settle on a game and put a token in, then would both take off, leaving me there to play the game by myself. In the end, I found the older kid games were easier and better for them. They both got a kick out of this helicopter game...the car games were too hard because I had to press the pedals the whole time! And though skiball was entertaining, it was dangerous for anyone around us, as they threw the balls at the targets. And good 'ole ride on cars are always a hit!

After the kids were done playing I was worn out and ready to sit for a bit, we headed to In-n-Out. Both boys were super into the stickers they give you and sat there quietly playing with the stickers while we waited for our food.

On the way to take Connor's friend home, Connor zonked out in the car. That rarely happens so early in the day anymore, but he was obviously tired and I was happy to let him catch some shut eye so he would be ready to go that evening.

Ian's parents, his brother and my brother came over for cake and to sing Connor happy birthday. Before we even got around to lighting the candle, Connor stuck his car in the cake.

And apparently Connor takes after me...about halfway through us singing to him, he covered his face in embarrassment.

Connor blowing out his candle turned in to quite the debacle. He wouldn't get close enough to blow out the candle. After going at it for a couple minutes (NO exaggeration!), he finally got close enough to blow the candle out. And he then didn't waste any time and went in for a bite of cake!

I hope my little birthday boy felt loved and celebrated and enjoyed his third birthday.

Unfortunately it appears I have hit my photo limit on my little blog. So, until I get that sorted, no more pictures of Connor and his cake! Hopefully I can get it sorted tonight so I can add the rest of the pictures.

Update: Picture debacle sorted!


  1. You are sooo brave. Taking two three year olds! Mom of the year!!! What the heck blogger? Picture limit??

  2. I agree with ^^, you are so brave for doing that! Looks like they had fun! Love the car in the cake so funny! I reached my picture limit last year or two years ago, don't really remember, BUT all I did was pay the $10 fee and now I have like 20 GB of space and wont have to pay again for a very long time.

  3. Disregard my last comment, I paid last year because I had run out of space. And now I got a notice that says I have ran out of space because their policies changed. What did you do about your picture limit?


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