Clifford - The Big Red Dog

A friend of mine read my last post and noticed that Connor likes Clifford, so informed me that he would be at the library this weekend. See, if it weren't for blogging, I never would have known about this! I thought it would be a fun little outing for Connor. But I was also afraid how it would go. He is so unpredictable at times and I was afraid he would hate Clifford, after all he hates parades (goes phycho until we leave them). But to the library we went.

There was a long line and those lines are never easy with toddlers. But I giving him my iPhone. Those iPhones, one of the best inventions for parents. And there I go again, getting side tracked. As soon as it was Connor's turn to see Clifford, he immediately ran up to him. He was definitely excited. He was grabbing Clifford's arms and forcing Clifford to hug him. It was cute.

Despite how hard the adorable old lady volunteers and I tried, Connor refused to look at the camera. And what happened next, well it was so Connor. He dropped to the floor and decided to crawl under Clifford.

The librarian laughed and said in all Clifford's years of visiting the library, that was the first time she had seen that happen. Leave it to Connor! She also was laughing at how active he was and said he was "all boy". And we all know that is the truth!

After getting a book, the Clifford craze line had died down, so I decided to try one more time to get Connor to pose with Clifford. Thankfully he obliged.

That little boy. I love him so much and was glad I was able to take him to do something he loved. And maybe, just maybe he will remember meeting Clifford in real life the next time we read one of his books.


  1. I'm glad he wasn't scared! I know those big stuffed creatures can be frightening for kids.

  2. It was so fun to see Connor with Clifford. He was having so much fun! I can't wait for Austin to get bigger.


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