Lately {in photos}

1. Isla in one of her new birthday outfits
2. Connor fell asleep in the middle of the playroom
3. Isla ate chalk
4. My first eggnog latte of the season
5. Help, a monster is attacking the city!
6. Chasing trains
7. This girl likes her some jewelry
8. Jamba Juice!
9. An Elmo balloon from Papa
10. Chores...starting him young!
11. It appears I have another climber on my hands
12. Bath time


  1. i mean...the cuteness is just too much!

  2. EGGNOG LATTE?! I want.
    Isla is like, the best smiler in the world. She could win contest. And she's going to break hearts. I love the one of her with the trains and her climbing. Connor just looks sOOO sweet! Sleeping by his trains? Cleaning the toilet? You won as a mama.


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