I'm having a really hard time believing Christmas is well on its way to us. And that's weird for me. I am usually the one decorating for Christmas the evening of Thanksgiving and all about the Christmas music. But something is different this year and I am thinking it is the weather affecting me. The leaves are barely falling from our trees. The weather is still in the high 60's. It's just weird. I feel like fall is just coming, not Christmas. And what's with Thanksgiving being so early this year?! Everything feels off. But I will get there. I am getting ready to wrap the kids advent presents and I have our 12 dates of Christmas all planned out. I even ordered our Christmas cards today. It seems in action I am there, but in my head, I am not quite. I will get there though.


  1. i'm with ya! I feel overwhelmed bc i'm not going to have time to do any of the things I've pinned on pinterest! lol

  2. I hear ya. I'm getting a good jump on my gifts, but I don't have any of the decorations up, or cards ordered. I like to have things up by Dec. 6th (St. Nick's Day) but I don't know if I will this year.


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