The Ups and Downs of Parenting {three}

This whole parenting of two toddlers thing is exhausting. It makes the days long and torturous. When they are separated, they are great. Put them together and chaos ensues. Yelling, screaming, crying, pushing, kicking, stepping is brutal.

Everyone seems to have suggestions for us - more discipline, more alone time, more quiet time, Connor having toys that Isla can't touch, blah, blah, blah. And those in the exact same position as me? Well they seem to offer a knowing smile. It helps to know I am not alone in this. That my children are not the only sibling abusers out there. Actually, I should be clear, there is really one abuser and a victim. The victim is slowly learning to defend herself. But it has been a long process.

Connor can actually get his foot up in Isla's car seat and kick her when we are driving. Sometimes I think about driving myself to the nearest car dealership and buying an 15 passenger van to give them more space!

All of this is also making me take pity on my mom. My brothers and I fought growing up. Brutally. We fought for bruises and blood. I remember how upset my mom would be about the whole situation. I now feel her pain. I also fear it lasting as long as it did with my brothers and I. We stopped around the beginning of high school.

And the thing is, when there is that moment in the day when my kids are playing together, it is oh-so-freaking-cute. Melts my heart. Why can't they be like that all the time?


  1. Yup. My brother and I were just like this. Despite everyone's attempt. How frustrating it must be to have it in the first place and then have all this advice thrown at you. I like the mom's who just give you a knowing smile. But, my brother and I are best friends now (also in high school). We did stop brutally fighting after we were about 8 and 9 though.


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