Isla {6 Months}

Weight: 17lbs, 3oz
Length: 26.75 inches

Sits up unaided...until she notices and falls over!
Grabs & picks up anything and everything

Half a year! My baby is well on her way to not being a baby anymore.

Isla is in the "stick everything in sight in her mouth" phase. Because of this, I try to do a good job of having toys around at all times for her. Toys and burp cloths...she seems to love sucking on rags. Whatever makes her happy! A few days ago, I gave her a frozen celery stick to suck on...I did the same thing with Connor when he was a baby. She was all excited to grab it and stick it in her mouth. Then she got a horrible look on her face, pulled it out and looked at it, then stuck it right back in. I'm guessing it was the cold that caught her off guard. The next time I gave her one, she again went to town on it, so I guess that means she likes it.

Isla really prefers to be sitting up rather than lying down. She lets me know this by crying. Since she doesn't sit up for very long without toppling over, that means she spends a lot of time in my lap, in the corner of the couch, in her walker...mostly in my lap though. I am a sucker, I know. 

At her check up, Isla's pediatrician said she had enough fat stores to sleep through the night. And she said it as she poked one of Isla's rolls. I kid you not. It was funny. But then she said, I need to do whatever I am comfortable with in terms of Isla sleeping. She is still getting up numerous times a night and each time I feed her back to sleep. A bad habit, I know. But I have been telling myself, we will sleep train her once Ian's busy season is over...which is in just a few short days. You see, I think I need Ian to go into her at night when she cries so she realizes she can't eat. I think that will help a lot. Hopefully. Notice this is all based on my thoughts and assumptions. And raising babies, it is never as easy as one thinks. But a mom can hope, right?

Isla seems to be going through a bit of a stranger-danger phase. Whenever someone new comes up and talks to her, she looks at me before smiling at them. It's almost as if she is asking, "Are they ok mom?" And she doesn't like people she doesn't know holding her for long. Usually if she is crying when someone else is holding her, she stops as soon as I take her. Last weekend, I decided to put her in the nursery at church for the first time. Just like with Connor, I was sick to my stomach when dropping her off. I couldn't focus in church because I was so nervous. I kid you not. I am so freaking pathetic. Anyway, I was paged before worship was even over. As soon as I took her, she stopped crying. So I hung out in the nursery for a bit with her, holding her and rocking her. Then I put her in a toy and she still seemed fine, so I left. In the middle of church, you could hear a baby crying. Ian told me it sounded like Isla and I said I thought the same thing, but that they hadn't paged me. So, Ian went to check. Then I got a text from him saying that he had Isla, so I went and found them. Apparently the nursery tried to page me, but the pager wasn't working. And of course Isla was fine once in Ian's arms. To make a long story even longer, I think I am going to wait a little while before trying the nursery again...for my own sake!


  1. Happy Half Birthday Isla! She is seriously cute.

  2. Your photography is AMAZING. Your daughter is beautiful. And I loved learning about having enough 'fat stores' to last through the night!


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