Bath Time Fun

My friend Mallory recently talked about an idea she found on Pinterest to put glow sticks in the bathtub. Since I had bought some for Connor for his Easter basket, I thought it was the perfect way to use them.

Last night I filled up the tub and threw in the glow sticks, while making Connor wait outside the bathroom. I told him I had a treat for him in the bath. He was pretty excited. He ran and jumped in the bathtub and immediately began collecting his "treat".

Over the course of the bath, I kept taking the glow sticks and spreading them out in the tub and Connor would quickly collect them while repeating over and over "my treat".  He even had to get every single one of them out of the bath before he would get out. One of them was stuck behind Isla's bath chair and he about had a cow until we got it for him. It was pretty cute.

And I would say, given that you can get a pack of glow sticks at the dollar store, this is the perfect treat to do with your kid every once in a while.  I definitely think we will be doing it again.

P.S. I would like to say that I am proud of myself for actually doing something from Pinterest. I have been refusing to join, but recently did. It is full of great ideas. But unless I never do them, that is all they are, great ideas. So here is me, trying to put some of those great ideas into action.


  1. Wow! That's a fantastic idea and again, I'm so impressed that you're such a DO-er (like getting Connor his own dirt pile for his trucks).

  2. So fun!! I want to do this too but need to get my butt to the dollar store to get the glow sticks. :)


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