My Little Artist

One of the things I love about kids is the carefree nature they have. I love watching Connor play without a care in the world. He has the rest of his life to worry about things, so I would rather him enjoy himself now. He doesn't get self conscious and just lives life. He farts when he wants, he lifts up his shirt and shows strangers his belly. And he paints like no ones business! He doesn't even care where he gets the paint. He just enjoys himself and I love that.

This weekend we went to our local farmers market. They had an area set up for kids to paint. I couldn't resist letting Connor have some fun. And the little individual painting stations were too cute. I couldn't resist them...or my little artist.

Carrying a wet painting home wasn't easy, but Ian did it. And now we have a beautiful new piece of art to adorn our walls.


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again... You're such a great mom! I love how you not only let Connor get dirty (or covered in paint) but encourage it! You're so laid back and I'm sure it'll make him a laid back and confident person.


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