Weird Week

So this picture has nothing to do with my post. Who cares? The kid is cute and I thought it would liven things up a bit!

It's just been a weird week around here. Lots to process and work through for a week that I thought was going to be rather mundane.

Our neighbor's work trailer was stolen and along with it all of his tools. He was a handyman, so someone stole his livelihood. That man works hard too. Nights, weekends, all the time. I felt such sorrow for him as I stood there in the street and he told me what happened. Ian and I decided to give him a gift card to Home Depot to sort of help out. When Ian took it over, the guy said no one had ever done anything like that for him before. I was speechless...I've had many random acts of kindness bestowed upon me by relative strangers. It made me glad we did it.

Yesterday a sheriff in our city was shot and killed, so I spent the day hearing and watching that was a standoff situation that ended in the building getting torched. Just so surreal to watch something like that happen a mere mile or so from your house.

Connor switched to his big boy bed and is doing well. This morning he managed to pull his curtains down...and the curtain rod remained intact on the wall. So, yea for that!

Isla had her 6 month check up today and I got in an argument with the nurse at the doctor's office. It was stupid. She said they were busy so I would need to take Isla to the clinic to get her shots and I said that I didn't have time. She stressed the importance of Isla getting her shots TODAY (as if she would die if it did not happen today) and I said I wasn't going to sit in a clinic with 2 kids by myself for an hour and a half to get shots done when I was supposed to get them done at the doctor's office. Anyway, my doctor (who is totally awesome) came in and said she totally understood and got them done for Isla right then and there.

And then it freaking hailed here the middle of April!!! I told you its been a weird week.


  1. Wow that is a crazy week! That's so sweet of you to help out your neighbor and yay for standing your ground at the doctor's office!

  2. That does sound like a crazy week. I hope the weekend is a little smoother.

    P.S. I love the new layout!


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