True Friends

True friends are the one's you call to help you out when you screwed up your son's hair trying to cut it yourself. They help you fix it without judgement. I would know. This just happened to me.

The other night while giving Connor a bath, it was bugging me that his bangs were in his eyes. So, I decided to cut them. In the bath, they looked fine. When he woke up the next morning, I stared in horror at what I had done to my poor son.

The problem was, I didn't want to "fix" them because I was afraid he would end up with no hair in the front. So I called my friend and headed over to her house where she helped fix Connor's hair.

He is now the proud owner of a little boy hair cut. No side swept baby/old man style hair for him anymore! And it was so easy, I am thinking of buying some clippers for myself and keeping that boy's hair short!


  1. he looks like a little man now! :)

  2. He looks adorable with his new do!
    Such a big boy now.
    I like the banner thingy at the top of your blog!!

  3. Wow! That worked out great! Also, his side bangs you cut are exactly what I go for when I cut mine. Seriously.

  4. lol glad you were able to get it fixed! What a lil' man he is now! I'm always a little sad when Liam gets his hair cut...don't we want them to be a baby as long as possible?!
    and it reminded me of the couple times i tried to trim up the hair around Liam's ears....VERY similar story!

  5. I cut Lair's hair. You could so do it. We bought clippers from Costco.


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