A Keepsake from the Past

Last week my mom told me she had something I would want and asked me to put out my hand. Given that my mom was laughing and my brothers were there, I refused as I figured my brothers had put her up to something. Finally she convinced me that it was something I would want to see and something that I had once greatly loved. In my hand landed this

A locket that once adorned my neck daily. I definitely remember this locket. It took me back...way back. More than half my life ago. Wow, when I say it like that, it seems like so long ago! Anyway, my mom told me to open it and this is what I found.

Prince William. The boy practically every girl my age, admittedly or not, had a crush on. We laughed at the irony that I ended up living in Britain for a few years and all that fun stuff.

I love it when little memories get to be relived. When I get to remember what I was like when I was a wee bit younger. So fun!

Speaking of which, today I found a box of old photos. Ian and I look like such babies in them. There are even ones of me from before Ian, back when I was real young.  Given that part of my life took place before the age of the digital camera (yes, I am that old) I will have to scan them and share them with you. Some of them are just too good not to be shared!


  1. Ahahahaha! That's excellent! My big crush was Keanu Reeves. Ughhhhhhh.

  2. Did you keep the locket? Will you still wear it?

    My biggest crush as a little girl was... hm, probably one of the Backstreet Boys!


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