A Month of Meals

I would like to state in advance, I give you full permission to make fun of me for this. But, while you make fun of me, I know deep down inside, you think I am ├╝ber cool and want to do the same thing!

I meal plan and I swear by it. I got into it after I went on maternity leave with Connor and I have never looked back. It just makes sense. It makes grocery shopping easier (and saves money) and I never have to think about what I am going to make for dinner.  I remember years ago talking to some friends who meal plan for six months. Intense, right? They buy everything except for their produce in bulk and only shop once every six months. I thought the idea was a little insane at the time. I still do. That being said, I would like to try a month. Kind of like a challenge to myself. So I have planned out our meals for the whole month of April. I have even planned out my shopping lists. We eat a lot of fresh food and produce around here, so I will be hitting up the grocery store once a week.

Now you may notice that I have planned five meals a week. They can actually be eaten on any day of the week and in any order. But after years of planning, I have found five dinners a week to be the magical number for us. It leaves wiggle room for eating leftovers, going on a date, or going over to someone's house for dinner. You may also realize, we hardly ever pick something up for dinner. There is no quick fast food runs or calling for a pizza in our house. That's what planning meals is all about. Always having a delicious and nutritious meal at hand.

Here's the other thing. I am not exactly what you would call a recipe follower. I kind of make things up as I go along. And tweak the dish to perfection ever time I make it. And all my foods tend to be homemade. And crockpots are this girl's best friend!

So there you have it, my challenge for April. Go ahead and laugh. Its not like I can see you anyway. But I know deep down you are jealous and thinking you should plan your meals too.


  1. I am not going to make fun of you. In fact, I am quite envious you can follow such a menu!

  2. I'm impressed. I've been meal planning but only weekly. I feel like I struggle to think of 2 weeks worth of meal so seeing a months worth of meals is impressive!!

  3. This is genius! I've tried meal planning on the scale of 2 weeks and it was GREAT but the planning day took too long for me... I bet if I did it repeatedly though, it'd get way easier and faster.

    1. I keep a list of meals that I normally cook, so I basically used all those meals and threw in a couple BBQ meals and a couple new recipes to try...even if I don't follow recipes, I still look at the directions for inspiration ;) Maybe that's why my meals never taste the same?!


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