Not All Coffee Creamers

Are created equal

I recently discovered this...the hard way. The store I was at didn't carry my usual Coffee Mate creamer, so I picked up a bottle of the International Delight. HUGE MISTAKE! It tasted horrible. I ended up picking up more of my usual creamer to replace the disgusting creamer. I had a friend over and told her about the creamer situation (I am an interesting person to be around, I know.) and the same thing happened to her. Weird, right? I am thinking one of two things happened:

1. Coffee Mate is so good that every store in Modesto simultaneously (such a big word for me!) ran out of it
2. International Delight paid all the stores to conveniently run out of every other creamer to boost their sales

Okay, so I have a confession to make. When going to take the picture of the creamer bottles, I discovered that the gross creamer, International Delight, is actually sugar free. That is probably why it takes so freaking bad. Fake sweetener equals GROSS. But still, it is ruined for me. I have vowed myself to Coffee Mate forever. Kidding. Kind of.

And seriously, who writes an entire post on coffee creamer?!?


  1. So funny! I was just dealing with this same issue while reading your post! Ha!

  2. I hate anything sugar free. Fake sugar is the worst.


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