Awkward/Awesome {six}

Awkward: While feeding Isla, Connor walked up to me and said "Isla boobie juice"
Thanks, little bro!

Making plans to hang out with a friend via facebook
Awkward: Neither one of us being particularly good at checking facebook, so we missed each other
Awesome: Exchanging real contact info so this doesn't happen again

Awesome: Finally getting around to washing and vacuuming out my car
Awkward: It rained the next day
Awkward: My brother saying, "Don't you ever check the weather report?"

Awesome: Helping make bows for Abigail's Bling for Balding Beauties (child cancer patients). We made 103 bows in 2 hours!

Awkward: Making Connor a hot dog and having him point at it and say "hot, poop" (He wasn't trying to say hot dog, but merely saying the food was hot and that it was poop)
Super Awkward: Him eating the hot dog anyway. Apparently the kid likes hot poop.

Awkward: I've been asked twice lately by people close to me if I was pregnant. I eating too much lately?

Awesome: Having lunch with my big older brother

Awesome: Meeting an old friend and her kids at the park
Awkward: Having a creepy man stalk us
Awkward x2: Him staying until we finally were fed up and decided to leave

Awesome: Date night with the hubby
Awesome x2: Having a gift card to pay for it

Awesome: All the outdoor time we've been having lately

Awkward: Because of awesome weather, I turned off the heater and forgot to turn it back on, thus Ian woke up for work to a freezing cold house.
Awesome: Ian turned on the heater and by the time I got up hours later, the house was toasty warm ;)


  1. How awesome of you for making all those bows!!

    The hot poop made me laugh!

  2. ugh, I HATE washing/vaccumming my car. Seriously, it is sooooo low on my to-do list.

    The hot poop story is quite awkward indeed.

  3. Hahah! Boobie juice and hot poop. That kid could be a salesman. Bummer about the creepy dude... they come out with the warm weather I guess.


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