Some Girly Time

Isla and I went out and did our first girly thing together. Heck, this was probably the first girly thing I have done in years. Slight exaggeration, but I really am not very girly.

My friend's mom hosted a group of us for a ladies tea at her church. It was a fun excuse to get dressed up and have some fun with friends. Both my kids have been crazy sick, but I decided to ignore the looks I got (and the comments from old ladies) and bring Isla along anyway. Thankfully, my friends were more than willing to take turns holding that adorable, fussy little girl. And I was glad I got out of the house for a couple hours given that sickness has kept us in for days.

And I made Ian take a couple pictures of me and Isla all dressed up. I wanted us to coordinate (lame, I know), but didn't really have anything to match lavender gingham. I realized I don't really have much of a selection of spring-colored dresses in my closet, but I liked my choice.


  1. You girls look great!!! Miss Isla looks so cute!

  2. You're both dolls. Absolute dolls.

  3. So fun. (Kate is in both Reegan's prechool and ballet class).

  4. I'm generally not a big fan of "girly" activities, but I do love a good tea party! Pinkies up!


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