Desperate Times

Call for desperate measures.

Remember the sickness that I mentioned in my last post? Yeah, its still here. Hopefully, we are on the tail end of it though. Connor powered through it a lot better than Isla has. Which really means, Connor only woke once a night while sick. And lets just say, the same can't be said for our adorable little Isla. After Ian and I both sleeping upright to keep Isla from hacking up a lung asleep, I realized she slept much better in her swing than in her bed. So, I drug that swing into her bedroom where it would be close to a humidifier and closer to us so we could hear her if anything went awry in the night. Still things aren't perfect, but she is sleeping a heck of a lot better upright in her swing than she was in her bed. And hopefully this bug will be behind us before we know it so we can concentrate on spring again. Aww, the great outdoors, hanging with friends, BBQs...I love me some good weather!

In the mean time, its things like the smiles I get from our adorable kids at bath time that keep me going. Bath time has always been a hit in our house. In sickness and in health and for both kids. Its purse bliss, I tell you...until I go to take them out. But it's those faces when they are in the bath that keep me going...

And Connor gets to splash around like a crazy man, once his sister is done bathing. He loves you can see.

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