Over the Weekend

Isla tried out the walker for the first time. As you can tell from her happy face, it was a success...though she mostly just enjoyed sucking on the steering wheel attached to the walker.

I organized a little art area for Connor in the play room. I put all his crayons in one jar and all his chalk in another jar. And those jars worked out to make great bookends to hold up his coloring books!

I found some wooden blocks and a cool wooden toy (which I scored for 79 cents) at a thrift store. The toy is from Finland. I thought that was kind of cool. Connor loves both the blocks and the toy.

I expanded the picture wall in the playroom. See, I told you I am obsessed with pictures. Its a sickness.

Ian planted a couple blueberry bushes and I planted some flowers that now liven up our front porch. I stole the wooden 7up box from my mom.

It was beautiful weather and we spent a lot of the time outside. Now its raining. Supposed to rain all week. And you know I like the rain!

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  1. Those are SUCH great pictures! Isla's happy face melts me and that planter box is AMAZING and Connor's art area looks like a magazine.


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