The Head Situation

It's never been a secret that my children have ginormous heads. To make light of it, I used to say things like "all his smarts need to go somewhere" when we were at the doctor and Connor's head was being measured. Then last year, when Connor was a mere 18 month old, we had to buy him a child size bike helmet because the toddler size was too small. Seriously?

Last week I was talking to another mother of a big-headed child when she asked me where I got Connor's hat because she has trouble finding hats for her son. I told her I found it on an endcap in the baby section in Target. She said it definitely wouldn't fit her son and I said I was surprised it fit Connor. While saying this, I pulled the hat off Connor's head to see what size it was. To my surprise, it was a youth 7-14. Again, seriously? The kid's head is big, but its not THAT BIG.

Isla has inherited a big head as well. The thing is, she is bigger everywhere (length and weight) so its not as funny with her as it is with Connor. That being said, the hat she has been sporting the last few weeks is 12-18 months.

Oh, my adorable kids and their adorably large heads.


  1. My siblings and I all have big heads. From birth to now. Hats that fit are still hard to find, but I don't look ridiculous. At least I don't think so.


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